Kourtney Kardashian Names Kanye West Future Wedding Dress Designer

Kourtney Kardashian may not be ready to get married just yet, but when she does the 33-year-old reality television star said she would like rapper Kanye West to design her gown.
Kardashian's sister Kim is dating West, who has been vocal about his penchant for fashion.

''I'm going to let Kanye design my wedding dress," Kardashian revealed. "Just not right now!"

Although the eldest sibling in the Kardashian clan has two children with her significant other Scott Disick, a Life & Style magazine source claimed that she refused to have reality television cameras rolling when he proposed to her in the past.

"She didn't allow for an engagement to be filmed," the source reportedly said. "They did not film a proposal, and it was because of Kourtney. She said, 'No.' She does not want to be engaged."

According to another source close to the publication, Kardashian is making it known that she is not interested in marrying Disick.

"Kourtney really has been very vocal and told everyone how she does not want to marry Scott," the source reportedly said. "She does not think their relationship is perfect and is scared of divorce. But Scott's not happy about her never saying yes to a proposal."

Despite the fact that she does not seem ready to walk down the aisle with Disick just yet, Kardashian recently celebrated her 3-year-old son's birthday with his father on Dec. 14. The mother of two revealed how she spent the day in an Us Weekly report.

"I got a cute cake and everyone got him little presents, so we'll just do something fun like that," Kardashian told Us Weekly before her son's birthday celebration.

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star also took to her website to wish her son a heartfelt happy birthday message.

"Happy Birthday to my most precious angel who has forever changed my heart," Kardashian wrote on her website last Friday. "I will never forget the day you entered my life, three years ago. It is an honor and a joy to watch you grow every day."