Kris Humphries Denies Herpes Allegations; Fans Question Kim Kardashian's Involvement

Kris Humphries, Brooklyn Nets forward who has been undergoing a complicated divorce from reality TV star Kim Kardashian, is reportedly being sued for giving one woman herpes. However, the NBA player denies that the reports are true.

Kayla Goldberg, a woman who was formerly involved with Humphries, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the basketball player for allegedly giving her the sexually transmitted disease. Goldberg reportedly said she met Humphries at a restaurant before seeing him at a nightclub on the same night.

The two later spent a night in his hotel room, where Goldberg claimed she contracted the disease from him, according to E! News. While Goldberg admitted that contraceptives were not used when engaging in intimate activities with Humphries, she also said that he did not inform her that he may have had the sexually transmitted disease.

While the encounter between Humphries and Goldberg reportedly happened in 2010, some people took to Twitter to question if his estranged wife had contracted any diseases from the NBA player.

"So, if Kris Humphries has herpes as a lawsuit claims, does this mean it's pretty likely Kim Kardashian has herpes," one person questioned on the social media website.

Another person questioned if Kardashian's new boyfriend and rapper Kanye West would be affected.

"So now I hear that Kris Humphries has herpes.... BEFORE he dated kardashian....YEEZY? @KrisHumphries," the person tweeted.

While Gossip Cop reported that Goldberg also spoke about four other unnamed defendants that could have given her the disease, Humphries representatives reportedly denied the allegations to E! News.

According to the basketball player's representative in the E! News report, Humphries does not have the disease. An alleged source close to Humphries also spoke to Radar Online to deny the allegations, saying that he was tested recently after another woman made similar accusations.

"Kris was recently accused by another woman of giving her herpes, this happened within the last two months," the source told "Kris tested negative for it though and for any other sexually transmitted disease and he is absolutely steadfast that he has never given anyone Herpes. Kris plans on vigorously fighting the lawsuit filed against him by Kayla Goldberg and is considering counter-suing her for defamation."