Kris Humphries: Family Slams Kim Kardashian 'Sham' Wedding

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(PHOTO) YouTube: ABC News (Courtesy E! Network)Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries in 2011

Kris Humphries' family has finally spoken out regarding the NBA star's 2011 wedding to Kim Kardashian, days after he was allegedly blamed for her recent miscarriage scare.

Dedria and Mike Humphries, the Brooklyn Nets star's aunt and uncle, recently claimed what many critics have suspected all along, that Humphries' 72-day marriage to Kardashian was a "sham." The estranged couple is currently battling out their divorce in court which sources claim is causing Kardashian, 31, a lot of stress.

"It was a sham. My understanding of marriage is people are going to give it more than 72 days unless there's serious abuse," Dedria told The Sun UK.

Kardashian infamously filed for divorce in October 2011, just over two months after her lavish wedding and Humphries has refused to sign the papers as he is insisting on an annulment based on fraud. The NBA star reportedly believes that Kardashian married him for publicity and financial gain; she reportedly received millions after selling filming rights and wedding photos to at least two media outlets.

"If I felt somebody had duped me and used me in front of the whole world, I would be very angry," Dedria said. "An annulment says it wasn't valid in the first place. She should admit that it was a sham at the very least."

Kris Jenner, Kardashian's mother, has denied the allegation against her daughter. She has also been accused of playing a key role in the alleged sham.

Kris' uncle described Jenner, 56, as a "wicked mastermind." Humphries, he said, "would love for her to get thumped."

On Tuesday Kardashian was reportedly rushed to a L.A. Hospital in tears after falling ill and she believed she was suffering from a miscarriage. Fans began blaming Humphries for allegedly dragging out the divorce, arguing that the court battle is all too much for the reality TV star, who is said to be 17 weeks along in her pregnancy.

"Kris feels this is yet another ploy by Kim's camp to make him look bad," a source told

"Kris won't be blamed for her pregnancy complications, and he wants to subpoena her medical records to determine what is really going on with Kim medically," the source explained.