Kris Humphries Left Battered After Brawl With Celtics' Rajon Rondo

NJ Nets Forward Deposed Kanye West in Divorce Case Against Kim Kardashian?

Kris Humphries, New Jersey Nets forward, was recently ejected from his game after engaging in a physical altercation with some Boston Celtics players that left him battered.

However, the NBA player may be preparing for another battle inside of the courtroom after recently calling for the deposition of Kanye West, the rapper who is dating his wife Kim Kardashian.

On Wednesday night, 27-year-old Humphries underwent a battle on the basketball court when a foul to Celtics forward Kevin Garnett resulted in a heated reaction from Boston guard Rajon Rondo. Rondo, 26-year-old Celtics guard who has had previous exchanges with Humphries, threw a few punches and continued to push Humphries until the two fell into the crowd beneath the basket on the Celtics home court.

While various players got involved in the scuffle, Rondo, Humphries and Nets forward Gerald Wallace were ejected and forced to leave the game. Humphries took to Twitter to show off the scratches he received in the brawl.

"Anyone know where I can get a quick Tetanus shot in Boston," Humphries inquired to close to 900,000 Twitter followers.

Despite his public altercation on the basketball court, Humphries is reportedly still engaged in a feud with his ex-wife 32-year-old reality television star Kim Kardashian. Although Kardashian filed for divorce in Oct. 2011, Humphries is aiming to annul the marriage and a trial is reportedly set for a Feb. 15, 2013 date, according to Hollywood Life reports.

Humphries reportedly had West deposed in order to prove that he was defrauded. The NBA player's lawyer reportedly questioned West about the time he began dating Kardashian, who he insinuated he had romantic interest in while she was with Humphries in the song "Way Too Cold."

According to Hollywood Life reports, Kardashian's lawyer Laura Wasser believes her client is unwillingly tied to Humphries.

"Miss Kardashian is now handcuffed to Mr. Humphries," Wasser reportedly said in court Wednesday, according to Hollywood Life.

However, TMZ reports that Humphries will stop the trial process if Kardashian agrees to an annulment which would allow him to disclose the details of their marriage publicly.