Kris Humphries to Focus on Basketball Career, Not Kardashian-Focused Tabloids

Kris Humphries, the soon-to-be ex husband of reality star Kim Kardashian, is back to his old self again.

The former New Jersey Net has been training in Minnesota while awaiting a new contract offer.

In his first interview since Kardashian filed for a divorce, Humphries spoke to Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday about his future and not dwelling on the past:

“The same people have seen me here at the gym for seven years, and they know how I come to work and prepare myself for the season,” Humphries said in the telephone interview.

“I approach my job, my life, in the same way that I’ve always done here. There’s not much different for me.”

The new season of “Kourtney & Kim Take New York,” one of the several reality series’ currently documenting the life of the Kardashian’s, debuted late last month. Season highlights include events leading up to the end of the pair’s 72-day marriage.

Humphries, 26, is barred from talking about Kardashian, 31, because of a prenuptial stipulation. The seven-year league professional admits he would rather people place the spotlight on his athleticism, and not the tabloid rumors.

“Being in the pop culture light, and being known by people who don’t follow basketball, maybe some of them don’t realize that basketball has been first to me. I’ve always been putting in the time. That’s my life. That’s what I do.”