Kris Humphries Unprepared to Face Kanye West at Brooklyn Nets Games?

Kris Humphries, Brooklyn Nets forward who is also the estranged husband of reality television star Kim Kardashian, may find it awkward if his wife's boyfriend Kanye West attends the games where the rapper's good friend and collaborator Jay-Z serves as partial owner.

Humphries recently made an appearance at the NBA 2K13 opening party at Jay-Z's 40/40 club. There, the 27-year-old NBA forward was questioned about West.

"On those nights when Kanye's in attendance, are you going to be uncomfortable," the reporter questioned on an Associated Press video.

Humphries declined to answer with anything more than a small smile and a "thanks buddy" before ending the interview.

West, 35-year-old rapper and G.O.O.D. Music label head, has been very vocal about his thoughts on Humphries and connection with partial Nets owner Jay-Z in his April release of the song "Way Too Cold."

"I admit I fell in love with Kim / Around the same time she fell in love with him / Well that's cool baby girl / Do your thing / Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team," West rapped, making references to Humphries and Kardashian.

Despite West's song, Humphries allegedly wished Kardashian's new boyfriend the best of luck in dealing with the 31-year-old reality television star. Humphries reportedly told a friend that West would need patience to deal with his wife of 72 days, according to

"When Kris found out about Kim going public with Kanye, he told his friends he wanted to tell West, 'good luck dude, you are going to need it,'" a source told one week after "Way Too Cold" was released. "Kris knows that while he was with Kim, he was completely faithful, and he has serious doubts that she could say the same."

While Humphries declined to comment on West's future appearances at his Nets games at a recent event, he did speak about how "cool" it was for Jay-Z to be so involved with the Brooklyn Nets.

"It's cool that he's involved in the team. He's really hyped up Brooklyn and the people want it and they're ready," Humphries said of the 42-year-old music mogul born Shawn Carter in The Associated Press video. "It's cool, he's done a great job with it."