Kris Humphries Wants an Annulment Not Divorce

Kris Humphries is reportedly looking to get his marriage to Kim Kardashian annulled instead of having a divorce.

According to People magazine, Kris wishes the marriage never existed and is taking steps to make it happen by filing court papers in the next few days.

The report said Kris is a very religious Catholic and would like to get an annulment because divorce is highly frowned upon in the church.

The Daily Mail reported Bianka Kamber, a nurse who dated Humphries for two years, said Kris hated "Keeping Up with the Kardashian's" and used to make fun of her for watching it.

"He'd ask, 'Why are you watching that?' And he would say, 'There's nothing to it ... What are they even famous for?' He had absolutely no interest."

Kamber resembles Kim a little bit and talked in the interview about Kris’ feelings on Kim.

"He said she was only famous for having a sex tape." Kamber added: "Kris also said he thought I was a lot more attractive than Kim."
The 28-year-old nurse said she felt bad for Kris and feels the new season of the show is bashing Kris, although she does agree with Kim's statements of calling him "immature."

"He's probably really devastated. He always said he wanted to get married, start a family and he wanted it to be forever."

Stories of resentment and sometimes-borderline verbal abuse have been circulating regarding Humphries' interactions with Kim.

"This outfit is so cute," Kris said. He then picked up Kim and jokingly said, "God, you ate a lot of wedding cake!"

Although the comment seems harmless and the two laughed about, reports have been surfacing that Kris was constantly putting Kim down.

"He belittled her in front of people," a source told Us.

According to the source, Kris called Kim "fat a**" once. "He'd call her stupid. It was truly sickening."

Other telling moments on the season premiere show Kris passing gas in Kim's face and freaking out when finding a naked yoga instructor in the house.