Kris Jenner Dating Bachelor Star Ben Flagnik? Sources Say Two Just Friends, Working on New Projects Together

Ben Flajnik is shooting down rumors that he his dating the recently separated Kris Jenner after the two have been spotted multiple times, most recently at a Kanye West concert in Oakland, Calif.

The former Bachelor star, 30, insists the two are just friends and have been working on a few projects together.

"Kris is a very, very dear friend of mine. We are not dating, we're just working on a couple of projects together," Flanjnik told Radar Online. "That's why we've been seen a lot as of late."

"We started to conceptualize these new businesses. We're very much prospectively working together. There's some exciting stuff to come."

Still, Flajnik was gushing over how nice Jenner is and how great the Kardashian family is.

"I'm just blown away by [her] hospitality and kindness. She's introduced me to everyone to make me feel comfortable if we end up working together."

Jenner recently separated from husband Bruce, but sources have revealed she still wants him to continue to participate in the family's reality show to help with sputtering ratings.

"Bruce feels he's done with the Kardashian reality shows," a source close to the show told Radar Online. "He has told Kris and producers of the show that he wants out, but he is under contract to film one more season."

In 2012, Kris signed a new television deal with E! for three more seasons and there is one season to run.

"There is no way E! will let Bruce out of the contract because viewers will want to see how the family deals with the split," the insider added. "But in reality, all Bruce wants to do is golf, fly his helicopters and spend time with his kids, including Brandon and Brody."

"Kris has no desire to get back together with Bruce, but she wants to film a 'reunion' of them attempting to work things out, which would all be designed for the show," the source added.