Kris Jenner Divorce? Bruce Jenner Could Get Half of $125 Million Fortune

In the wake of the news revealing that Kris and Bruce Jenner had separated, rumors are now swirling that Bruce will be entitled to half of Kris' estimated $125 million fortune.

Under California law, spouses are entitled to half of the shared assets during a divorce if there is not an agreement in place before the nuptials.

"This is going to be a very bitter pill for Kris to swallow because when they divorce is finalized, she'll have to split half the family fortune with Bruce," an insider told Radar Online.

Among the assets to be divided up will be the couple's Calabasas, Calif., a fleet of luxury cars and the $40 million television deal the family signed.

But in a unique twist, during the beginning of their marriage, Bruce was worth an estimated $100 million due to endorsement deals and his Bruce Jenner Aviation business, a corporate airplane sales company.

"Bruce was the primary bread winner and he provided Kris with a luxurious lifestyle when they were first married," a source said. "He had endorsement deals and was a very popular motivational speaker."

Now, both of their massive fortunes are expected to be fiercely fought over.

"Never in her wildest dreams would Kris have ever anticipated she could be losing the family fortune she worked so hard for. She won't give it up without a fight," the source said.

Kris's sister Karen Houghton told In Touch magazine that the former Olympian sought the counsel of a lawyer as rumors have swirled for weeks that the pair's marriage was strained.

Her sister did add that she hoped they would be able to work thigs out and remain together.

Kris and Bruce "still do things together" and "their relationship goes back and forth," Houghton told In Touch, adding that she "would love to see them get back together."