Kris Jenner Pressures Lamar Odom to Pursue Reality TV Over NBA?

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner is reportedly pushing her son in-law Lamar Odom to continue filming for his E! reality TV show just two weeks after he was left depressed following his abrupt departure from the Dallas Mavericks.

Odom, a 13-year NBA veteran, has been extremely fragile mentally and emotionally since leaving the Mavericks. He now reportedly wants nothing to do with reality TV, but his mother-in-law is pressuring him and his wife Khloe Kardashian to continue filming "Khloe & Lamar," according to Hollywood Life.

"Kris is eager for Khloe and Lamar to do another season of their reality show, but Khloe has been telling her that she is not sure yet. She doesn't want to push Lamar into doing anything he doesn't want to do, because she knows it will only backfire," a friend close to the Kardashian family told HL.

"Kris thinks doing another season will help their relationship, but the real reason she wants them to do another season of Khloe & Lamar is because she thinks the show keeps them relevant," the source added.

Although Odom is trying to revive his basketball career and hoping to soon get picked up by another NBA team, Kris is reportedly more focused on the 32-year-old utilizing his career opportunities with reality TV as opposed to basketball.

"If Lamar doesn't get picked up for the NBA, the focus of the next season can be about them starting a family and undergoing infertility treatments," the source said with regards to Kris' mentality.

The 32-year-old has been depressed since being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers in December and has consequently performed poorly on the court- something critics attribute to his reality TV show.

"Lamar should get the shows out of his system now, because nobody wants to deal with the headache it will bring to the locker room if a team signed him," one NBA insider told HL.

"Teams have to deal with enough, and these outside distractions will not be welcomed. Teams are now worrying about younger and cheaper players that are not headcases who do reality shows- they are against it," the source added.

Kardashian, 28, is reportedly considering canceling "Khloe & Lamar" despite Kris' advice, in a bid to protect Odom and their marriage.

"Khloé is fighting to save her marriage. She realizes the toll reality TV and being in the public eye has taken on her relationship with Lamar," a source told Hollywood Life.

"Khloé wants to make Lamar and starting a family her number one priority right now! [She's] even considering not doing another season of 'Khloé & Lamar,'" the source added.