Kris Jenner Separation From Bruce Jenner: Pair Lives Separately, But Hasn't 'Split Up,' Says Brody

The Kardashian family continues to have issues regarding the marriages of its family members after the son of Bruce Jenner revealed that both Kris and Bruce are not living in the same house anymore.

Bruce and Kris have been experiencing some trouble in recent months and during an interview the son of the former decathlon athlete stated the relationship is going through rough times.

Brody insisted that his well-documented confrontations with Kris are not the full extent of their relationships and that as he has gotten older their relationship has improved.

"My relationship [with Kris] is getting better now, but for a long time growing up I didn't see her that much and didn't trust her intentions." Brody told the British publication Now Magazine.

While Brody understands that his father is not free from blame, it is still hard for him to know that both of them are staying at different houses right now.

Bruce is staying at a rental home in Malibu while Kris is still living at the family's mansion in Calabasas, Calif.

One positive that Brody can take away from this tough situation is that while they may be living in different houses, it doesn't mean the pair will get a divorce.

"I stay out of their business, but as far as I'm concerned, they haven't split up. Dad's been in Malibu – he grew up out here – and the press has made a big deal of it. It's nothing to do with them breaking up," he said.

Kris' sister also recently revealed that the two were having some troubles but hoped they would be able to work it out.

Kris's sister Karen Houghton told In Touch magazine that the former Olympian sought the counsel of a lawyer as rumors have swirled for weeks that the pair's marriage was strained.

Kris and Bruce "still do things together" and "their relationship goes back and forth," Houghton told In Touch, adding that she "would love to see them get back together."