Kristen Bell 'Gossip Girl'? Blogger Unveiled as New Character? (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell will reportedly make her first "Gossip Girl" appearance after six years of serving as a narrator to the show.

The voice behind the gossip girl herself, who runs a blog following the lives of Manhattan's elite, Kristen Bell, has never appeared on the other side of the camera for the popular CW sitcom. However all of that could change on Dec. 17 if Bell makes an appearance during the show finale. Does that mean that the previously anonymous gossip girl will be unveiled?

Bell's appearance was reported by TV Line after she was spotted filming a cameo for the series' finale, although CW has failed to confirm the actress' appearance. The rumor has added to viewers' anticipation after show executives confirmed in October that the character behind the gossip girl would be revealed.

"For five years, that's the secret she said she'd never tell," Gossip Girl exec producer Sara Goodman stated in a series preview. "And this year, she's telling."

The stars on the show have also taken their guesses about who the gossip girl might be, many of course believing that it is their own character. But if Bell appears in the same episode of the gossip girl's unveiling then there may be sound evidence to suggest that the blogger isn't already a character on the show. And a new character is exactly what "Gossip Girl" fans are hoping for it seems.

"I really hope Gossip Girl is someone we don't know at all," Lindsay wrote on the TV Line blog.

"I kind of agree. I just don't see how they could make GG any of the existing characters in a way that actually makes sense. It would just be contrived and ridiculous," the wordsmith added.

Others fans stated that they hoped for the unknown character to be Bell.

"I really want Gossip Girl to be played by Kristen Bell. She's the voice, so I'm already picturing her. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE?" Sarah stated.