Kristen Stewart Cuts Live Interview Short, Apologizes to Fans

Kristen Stewart has cut a 30-minute live interview promoting Balenciaga short on Thursday just as questions were heating up.

The new spokesperson for the brand's fragrance, Florabotanica, Stewart sat down with Virginie Mouzat, a French fashion editor, during a live question-and-answer interview.

Stewart, known for being uncomfortable during interviews, fielded the questions surrounding Balenciaga's fragrance for about 16 minutes. The interview came just weeks after Stewart admitted to having cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders.

While Stewart avoided questions about her personal life, the interview lasted just slightly over half of the time for which it was scheduled.

The promotional interview saw over 5,000 inquiries posted by fans, varying from the actress' favorite music to questions about the perfume.

Answering the first inquiry, the 22-year-old actress explained the vision of Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere.

"He imagines a girl sifting through a garden that is really gorgeous and intoxicating, but dangerous," said Stewart, via People Magazine. "She's picking flowers that could possibly kill her, and taking the beauty out of them."

At one point, Stewart added, "Luckily, I like the smell of the fragrance, so I don't have to lie about that, and that's great!"

Even while strictly sticking to questions about the perfume, Stewart appeared to struggle while answering questions. The actress noted the "fearlessness" associated with the high fashion label as well as her attempts to match it.

"I feel like it does draw sort of fearless people," Stewart said of Balenciaga's fragrance. "I just find that those are the kind of people who are attracted to Balenciaga. Even in this [fragrance], there's fearlessness to it, it's definitely not to be denied."

When one interviewer asked if Stewart considered herself fearless, she quickly said, "Damn right," laughingly.

"Yeah, I hope so," she added. "I mean, God, I try to do that every day."

When announcing the end of the promotional interview session, Stewart offered fans an apology.

"I knew it, I was going to fire through these [questions]," the "Twilight" star joked. "I'm sorry that we couldn't fill a whole half an hour."