Kristen Stewart Pregnant? Actress Unsure 'If It's Rob's or Rupert's' Source Claims

Kristen Stewart is said to be facing more problems amid her recent cheating scandal as new reports suggest that the actress fears that she may be pregnant with her first child.

The 22-year-old girlfriend of actor Rob Pattinson, 26, recently admitted to having an affair with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders, 41, following the release of intimate photographs of the tryst. She is now alleged to be fearing a pregnancy according to unconfirmed reports.

"Kris is sick with worry because she missed her period," a friend of Stewart's allegedly told Star Magazine, adding that she is now "alone and facing single motherhood."

Stewart, who has been dating Pattinson for three years, released a public statement in which she claimed to be "so sorry" for having an affair with Sanders, a married father of two.

"Right now, she'd give anything to carry Rob's baby… but Kristen can't be sure if it's Rob's or Rupert's," the source claimed, according to Star magazine, adding that "she's praying like crazy that it's a false alarm."

Stewart is said to be overwhelmed and stressed because her once seemingly perfect life has been turned upside down.

She is said to be struggling to deal with the pressure of "trying to win back Rob's public damage control so her career won't be wrecked - and all the while trying to deal with this pregnancy secret," the source claims in the unconfirmed report from Star.

The pregnancy drama follows other news that Stewart's own parents are so embarrassed over her cheating scandal that they have refused to support her. Pattinson is also reportedly refusing to answer her phone calls.

"[Her parents] feel Kristen has really embarrassed herself and don't blame Rob for not calling her back," a source told Us Weekly Magazine. "This is not the Kristen they know."