Kristin Chenoweth 'Couldn't Form a Sentence' After 'Good Wife' Injury

Kristin Chenoweth has finally spoken about the injury on July 11 that sent her to Bellevue Hospital. The actress has said she is still suffering from a multitude of "issues" but is getting better day by day.

"Basically, a big lightning thing fell on me … and knocked me out cold," Chenoweth told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. The interview marks her first public appearance since the accident on the set of CBS' "The Good Wife." Chenoweth was scheduled to appear on several episodes, but after the accident, was forced to leave the series.

After being struck in the head, Chenoweth was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where she woke up in a daze.

"Oh, the police are all here to see me," she thought as she saw a number of criminals still handcuffed to their gurneys.

"I couldn't form a sentence after it happened," she explained. "I have a skull fracture, and a rib issue, and a hip issue. I'm just issue-ridden."

But Chenoweth is improving day steadily and was seen in Central Park and at an event for last night's Fashion's Night Out. She still wears a neck brace from time to time to help ensure her body heals properly. It will take more time for the actress to fully recover, and until then, she is keeping a relatively low profile.

She will appear in the upcoming season of "The Good Wife," but her character's time will be significantly shorter than originally planned. Chenoweth was scheduled to play a reporter investigating the marriage between title character Alicia Florrick and her husband Peter.

The entire cast rallied around Chenoweth after the accident, but there was one member whom she remembered being especially helpful. Josh Charles, her co-star, was there when she finally regained consciousness.

"He was holding my hand. He's my angel," Chenoweth said.

"The Good Wife" premieres on September 30 on CBS.