Kristin Chenoweth is Maleficent in Disney's New 'Descendants'

(Photo: Reuters)Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth has just been cast as evil villainess Maleficent in Disney's newest movie, "Descendants," which will follow the lives of the children of famous Disney characters. Her onscreen daughter will be played by "Liv and Maddie" star Dove Cameron.

Chenoweth will play the famous Maleficent, who is coming to life this month thanks to Angelina Jolie. Chenoweth's Maleficent, however, will be the mother figure to her teenage daughter Mal, played by Cameron. "Descendants" follows the lives of the teens of such figures as Maleficent ("Sleeping Beauty"), Jafar ("Aladdin"), Cruella De Vil ("101 Dalmations"), and the Evil Queen ("Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs").

The teens, Mal, Jay, Carlos, and Evie, will inevitably butt heads with their counterparts, the children of the heroes of the Disney family: the Fairy Godmother ("Cinderella"), Mulan ("Mulan"), and Rapunzel. All of the children are at school together and must come together to battle one another – a true nature versus nurture question in Disney fashion.

The movie's cast includes Booboo Stewart as Jay, Sofia Carson as Evie, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, and Mitchell Hope as Ben. Kenny Ortega, the director of "High School Musical" is set to direct the film, which will begin production later this month. "Descendants" will air on the Disney Channel in 2015.

There has been a renewed interest in telling the story of the Disney villains and villainesses, with hits like "Mirror, Mirror" and the highly-anticipated "Maleficent," which is due out this month. Interest has been growing in "Maleficent" ever since Angelina Jolie signed on to the project and brought her daughter along with her to play a younger version of the heroine, Aurora.

"I'm old and I'd still totally watch this!" tweeted Lori Brighton upon hearing the news of the casting.

"YES! Kristin Chenoweth is Maleficent in Descendants! PERFECTION!" added Bonnie J. Wallace.

Fans, of course, will have to choose which Maleficent they prefer, but for now, it appears that there is enough Maleficent to go around.