Krusty Burger Opens, 'Simpsons' Inspired Food in Orlando

Krusty Burger, the fictional fast food restaurant made famous on "The Simpsons," is open at Universal Studios in Orlando this week.

Moreover, "The Simpsons'" staple venues such as Moe's Tavern, The Frying Dutchman, Luigi's Pizza and Lard Lad Donuts have also opened at the theme park's "Fast Food Boulevard."

Other offerings along Fast Food Boulevard include Duff Beer, The Android's Dragon and Cletus' Chicken Shack.

Universal Studios even released a video tour of the new attractions on the Inside the Magic website.

Guests at Universal will be able to sample The Flaming Moe, a non-alcoholic drink that features "bubble from dry ice," according to

Also available is a Meat-Liker's Pizza from Luigi's or a Heat Lamp Dog from Krusty Burger, in addition to a Basket O' Bait or the Clam Chowd-arr at the Frying Dutchman.

"This will be a must-see experience for Simpsons' fans all over the world," the president of Universal Creative Mark Woodbury said in a statement, according to Fox 8. "For the first time ever, they're going to be able to enter a world that they've only seen on television, and we're really excited to bring that world to life."

The opening of the iconic locations from the long-running animated television series has indeed excited "Simpsons" fans. They are abuzz with excitement on Twitter, with Krusty Burger becoming a trending topic on Wednesday.

"Oooo real life Moe's Tavern," Grace posted.

Twitter user Daniel even posted about his trip to Universal Studios.

"Oh yes I did," he wrote. "And even lard lad donuts! Krusty Burger is pretty much built."

Earl noted the fictional restaurant found on the cartoon "Spongebob SquarePants."

"Universal Studios is adding a Krusty Burger restaurant," he posted. "So, it's only a matter of time before we can also get a Krabby Patty."

Meanwhile, "The Simpsons" was created by Matt Groening and has seen 528 episodes on Fox, with the 24th season having wrapped up on May 19 this year.

The American adult animated sitcom follows the Simpsons, a middle class family including Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.