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'Krypton' Cast News, Updates: Superman Prequel Picks Actor for Major Villain Brainiac

'Krypton' Cast News, Updates: Superman Prequel Picks Actor for Major Villain Brainiac

Syfy's prequel about Superman's family history, "Krypton," found the actor who will play Brainiac. The character is a big villain in the Superman lore.

Syfy will air the prequel to Superman's family's life story, "Krypton," in 2018. | Facebook/KryptonSYFY

Blake Ritson ("Da Vinci's Demons") will play the role of Brainiac, also known as Milton Fine, in the upcoming series. His character is described as a "parasitic, hyper-advanced alien android of immense intelligence."

Brainiac in the "Superman" comics caused the destruction of the planet Krypton. Lex Luthor learned of his existence later on and convinced Brainiac to work with him in beating Superman.

"Krypton," however, will exist in a timeline long before the birth of Kal-El, Superman's real identity in his home planet. Viewers will learn about the origin of the House of El.

Cameron Cuffe will star as young Seg-El, the father of Jor-El, who is Superman's father. The show will detail what happened 200 years before the planet Krypton disintegrated in space.

The House of El has been ostracized from the Krypton social and political hierarchy. Seg-El, however, will fight back and redeem his family's honor amid the chaos that's erupting in his world.

"Very early on in our story, through no fault of Seg's own, he goes to the very top of the Kryptonian society, this great House of El, and ends up growing up at the very bottom and has to struggle to survive," Cuffe explained a bit of the show's premise. "The story for Seg is how that symbol starts to mean what it means, and how he grows to fill it."

Georgina Campbell will play Lyta Zod on "Krypton," who keeps a secret relationship with Seg-El. Ian McElhinney is Val-El, Seg-El's grandfather, while Ann Ogbomo is Alura Zod, Lyta's mother and the head of the Krypton military. Rasmus Hardiker will play Kem, Seg-El's best friend.

Syfy plans on premiering "Krypton" in 2018 but a specific premiere date has not yet been announced. Production for the show's pilot episode began in 2016 with Damian Kindler ("Stargate SG-1") as showrunner and David S. Goyer ("The Dark Knight") as executive producer.


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