Kutless' New Album Spotlights Faithful, Good God

Five years after their gold selling album Strong Tower, Christian rock bank Kutless finally released their newest record this week amid much anticipation.

It is Well features several brand new singles such as "What Faith Can Do," "Amazed," as well as favorites, including "Hungry," "Give Us Clean Hands," and "God of Wonders."

The new album showcases more of Kutless' outreach through music. They have a passion for helping others and telling stories with their lyrics.

While celebratory in moments, the record also contains moments that are "a total cryout."

Some of the songs "deal with the frailness of who we are and in our weakness then we see how strong God is," lead vocalist Jon Micah Sumrall explained. "I hope that these songs will be encouragements to people going through difficult times, ... to know that life is tough, things can be difficult, but ultimately God is good and He knows what He's doing and He's worthy to be praised."

A last-minute addition to the album was the song "What Faith Can Do." The message the band wants to convey through it is that "if we hold onto our faith" and "put our faith in God," "He will do so much more than we could have ever asked," the lead vocalist said.

"It's not about us having tons of faith ... but it's more about how powerful God is," he added. "Hold onto your faith when times are tough ... and watch what God will do; it will amaze you, it will blow you away."

Since the Portland, Ore., band formed in 2000, they have released six studio albums and have sold almost 2 million records. Current band members include: Sumrall; James Mead, lead guitarist and backing vocalist; Jeffrey Gilbert, drummer; Dave Luetkenhoelter, bass guitarist; and Nick DePartee, guitarist and backing vocalist.

The band's primary goal, Sumrall summarized, is "not only to create great music, but more importantly to convey a message of love through our music."

"We hope and pray that our music not only glorifies God, but that it also impacts listeners in a positive way," he said. "For us as a band, we recognize that music can be a very powerful tool. It is a vehicle through which we can convey emotion as well as lyrical messages. This allows music to reach deeper into the listener's life and often helps them to more closely relate to what is being shared in the lyrics of a song."

The band is currently on their "It is Well Worship Tour" with SideWalk Prophets and Above the Garden State.

It is Well (Expanded Edition) features four live songs, including "What Faith Can Do," and one unreleased studio song.

On the Web: http://kutless.com/