Ky. Man Stops Chemotherapy Treatment; Credits God for Curing Him of Cancer

A Kentucky man is cancer free following his decision to abruptly end chemotherapy treatment and opting to relay on his faith instead.

Roger Teague credits God for the miracle that his doctors say they are not able to explain. His choice to forfeit medical attention came after Teague had a religious experience that made him believe he was completely cured.

"Finally, I just said I'm not taking any more chemo. I just quit it on my own," Teague said, reports Lexington-based WYMT-TV.

Part of his experience, he says, was watching God eliminate the cancer cells that he had been battling with for years from his body. Teague says at one point, he could feel and see his body glowing as a bright ring of light shun around him.

"And then that's when I saw the Lord running through my body," said Teague.

Prior to being cured, Teague's daughter, Natashia Smith, says doctors warned her and the family about his chances of dying, however, Teague remained faithful and was adamant in believing that chemotherapy was not going to cure his illness.

"We were given no hope for him. They actually told me and my sister and my stepmom to take him home, make him comfortable, and spend what time we had with him. It was just a very scary time," said Smith.

Dr. Joe Kingery, one of Teague's doctors says that the faith-based belief that cancer can be eliminated could have served as therapeutic treatment in Teague's case, but added he had a one in a million chance of surviving cancer without proper medical treatment.

"I think miracles happen, yes," said Kingery. "Medically speaking, a lot of things happen that we can't explain, especially with regard to cancer or other terminal diseases."

Currently, Teague is blind, however, he remains faithful that he will be able to see again following his cancer-free miracle.

In a similar story, Hal Hart, a Mississippi man who refused to undergo chemotherapy, says God healed him from lung cancer that eventually had plagued his entire body. The Christian Post previously reported that Hart believed that a miracle would occur and he would be cured, which he found out was the case when he went in for a routine positron emission tomography (PET) exam.

"He comes back with a PET scan that is completely normal," said Hart's doctor, Jay O'Mara. "That is unheard of. He credits the Lord with this, and I think that's rightly so."