Kylie Jenner Thinks Justin Bieber is Amazing

Kylie Jenner may be a reality television star, but she is not shying away from singing Canadian Crooner Justin Bieber's praises.

Jenner, the 16-year-old "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star, attended the Los Angeles Premiere of Bieber's "Believe" movie. There, she gushed about the singer.

"He's always been so nice and he's such a good guy despite what everyone says about him," Jenner told E!. "I think he's amazing. He's just been a great friend."

Bieber has been the subject of media headlines for questionable behavior this year. However, he appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show to speak about the scrutiny that he has been under.

"I'm becoming a man, but I'm still 19, I'm still finding myself and when I have the media attacking me every day it's no [different] than bullying that happens in school, these people calling me names and saying things, and they don't know what's true or not," Bieber told Seacrest earlier this month. "...people forget I'm a human being."

However, Jenner told E! that there is a different side to Bieber.

"He's really cool," she insisted. "He's humble."

Still, Jenner did not shy away from admitting that the singer is cute by telling E!, "Of course! Doesn't every girl think he's cute?"

Bieber has made media headlines for his alleged marijuana use, social media rants, parties, aggression and performing his recent shows later than scheduled. Although Bieber has also defended his recent actions in the media, he also recently said he does not care about what people think concerning him.

"When people see a negative thing about me on a magazine, they're gonna buy it. Every time some site writes something bad, all my followers go on there, and it brings them more traffic," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "Now they have all the Beliebers on their site, which gives them money from advertisers. They're just worried about money. They don't care about ruining someone's name."