Kyra Sedgwick and 'The Closer': 'I Don't Miss Doing It'

Kyra Sedgwick has played the indestructible Brenda Leigh Johnson for the past several years, but that all comes to an end as the final six episodes begin airing on TNT tonight. The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress is already hard at work on a new film and has said "it will take me a few years to feel nostalgic and miss Brenda."

"I miss the people and the camaraderie and making something like that [the hit series], but I don't miss doing it," Sedgwick told WebMD. "I gave 150 percent every day, and I was definitely ready to be done. I love Brenda so much, but maybe it will take me a few years to feel nostalgic and miss her."

Sedgwick has spent the past seven years between Los Angeles and New York, feeling divided between work and family. Daughter Sosie, who just turned 20, was a guest star on the series for several episodes, which brought the family a bit closer together. Now the Bacon-Sedgwick household is in a new and different format than before, as both Sosie and her brother Travis are away from home.

"The kids are still around, but it's different," Sedgwick explained. "I think I grieved an entire year over the process, and I still get boo-hooey sometimes, but I'm so grateful that they're still talking to me and they want me to be part of their lives. As a parent, you have such a great job, and you feel like you're pretty good at it- then you kinda get fired."

Sedgwick has been married to actor Kevin Bacon since 1988, after the two met on the set of the play "Lemon Sky." The two have one of the longest-running successful Hollywood marriages, and both are committed to working at the marriage. They often take turns working on projects, so that one is always at home to run things.

After "The Closer," Sedgwick is set to debut a new film, "The Possession," which is being compared to "The Exorcist." It will feature Jeffrey Dean Morgan and is due at the end of August.