Lady Antebellum New Album Released to Mixed Reviews

Country music trio Lady Antebellum released their third album, “Own the Night” on Tuesday and received mixed reviews from the media.

Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott expressed excitement about their latest release on their Twitter account.

"We are so excited for this album and so thankful for our amazing fans," the group’s twitter account read.

However, not all reviews of the country music group’s album were positive. According to The Daily News, the album lacks emotion.

“Once again on their swiftly arranged new CD, “Own the Night,” their voices express no sense of consequence,” the Daily News review read. “They’re decorative but unfeeling, sleek but lacking any ability to communicate what they’re supposed to be singing about. They might as well be Swedes delivering their songs phonetically.”

The Washington Post suggested that while many country music lovers do not appreciate the group’s take on the genre, they should remain open to listening.

“Country purists will continue to hate this band. Lady Antebellum is quickly mastering the Nashville-friendly themes of heartache and nostalgia, but this is high-gloss pop music that never even gets close to “Islands in the Stream,” The Post review read. “But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drop your guard. This time, when Lady Antebellum asks you to dance, say yes.”

The Los Angeles Times seemed to have mixed feelings about the album.

“Not surprisingly, everything sounds bigger, brighter and shinier than on Lady A’s first two albums,” The Times review read. “That’ll probably go over well with fans of grandiose country pop, but the all-stops-out production gradually loses impact.”

Despite the criticism, The Taste of Country blog applauded the group who performed on national television in honor of 9/11 victims for expressing their creativity in an unconventional way.

“Not every courageous step they take lands on solid ground, but it’s difficult to criticize a band for taking artistic chances,” the review said.