Lady Gaga Black Eye Revealed, Man Responsible 'Should Be Fired' (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga posted a recent photo of herself on Twitter revealing that the singer still suffers from injuries after being struck on stage.

Lady Gaga recently suffered a concussion after being stuck by a pole on stage during a New Zealand concert. The offender, a backup dancer who was holding the item as a stage prop, hit Gaga while trying to clear the stage according to CBS News.

Following the strike, Gaga can be seen rubbing her head. The singer then took a moment backstage before continuing with her performance and finishing off the concert.

While it does not appear that Gaga is too angry about the mishap, the singer did take to Twitter, announcing that her new look wouldn't make for much of a fashion statement.

"Emerging from hours of sleep. Still remiss if I should go outside, with this clonker I may be of questionable styling," the singer wrote Monday, adding a picture of her still bruised face.

Despite an appropriate outfit to match, the singer appears to have grinned, bared it, and now moved on. Her tour in New Zealand now finished, Gaga's publicist has said that the concerts were all a success with many sold out shows.

But some have questioned the response of the man who struck Gaga, suggesting that he should be fired.

"OMG gotta love how the guy just walks away, didn't help her off the stage or show any concern, they should be fired," BonGrrl wrote on the ABC blog.

Gaga has yet to reveal whether or not the backup dance has been or is soon to be punished.

Lady Gaga will continue her tour in Brisbane on Wednesday night, and perform six more times in Australia before moving on to Sweden and Germany.