Lady Gaga Bodyguard Viciously Tackles Fan (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga's bodyguard viciously tackled a fan who tried to get to close to the superstar pop singer to grab an autograph Thursday, and the takedown was captured on tape.

Lady Gaga's bodyguards, heavily muscled men, accompanied the "Bad Romance" singer through a luxury hotel in Bucharest, Romania when the incident occurred. An excited older gentleman waited for his chance to approach the star to get an autograph.

Although many of Lady Gaga's other fans- dubbed "Little Monsters" by the 26-year-old singer- waited outside for her to exit, the older fan scurried through an adjoining revolving door. Unfortunately for him, the bodyguards saw his quick movement as a threat to the star, and acted just as quickly.

While one bodyguard ushered Gaga past the eager fan clutching a pen and paper, the other grabbed the man's head, slamming him into the door, then wrestling him to the ground. Gaga seemed startled at first, but kept her composure to meet her other fans outside.

After the camera panned back to the man, the bodyguard is seen with his knee on his neck, keeping the man subdued. He let up, however, and the man once again rushed outside to get an autograph from Lady Gaga.

While Gaga herself didn't handle the situation with the overzealous fan, other celebrities don't always let bodyguards do their dirty work. British comedian and movie star Russell Brand took matters into his own hands earlier this year when he saw paparazzi taking pictures of him in New Orleans.

In the police report, Timothy Jackson, a photographer, filed citing "criminal damages." He said that Brand marched over to his car, grabbed his phone from his hand, then launched it through a nearby building window, according to TMZ.

The iPhone was later returned by the man who sat inside the building where it was thrown.

The man inside the building was also contacted by the British star's camp.