Lady Gaga Brown Hair: The Shade of Louis Vuitton (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga has decided to switch out her famous blonde hair for a much darker, brown do.

While Lady Gaga has become known to the world as an eccentric, platinum blonde singer, the star had decided that she has had her fill of her blonde colored do. Instead Gaga has opted for darker, brown hues reminiscent, she suggests, of a high fashion hand bag.

"Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN," the singer posted on her Twitter site Monday.

The singer then decided to dye all but one strand of her hair brown.

"Im gonna leave one streak of bad by my left ear," Gaga added. "Lady when its down, and Gaga when its up. could we belong together?"

While Gaga suggested that the new color seemed a bit boring, her fans begged to differ, insisting that she looked "beautiful," "stunning," or "drop dead gorgeous."

"And this is how it looks up!! (I know this is boring) but fun!" the singer tweeted and a photo of herself with the new brown hair.

Now reaping from the benefits of not having to bleach her hair, the singer later decided that she might even get rid of the last remaining blonde streak.

"I think I'm gonna do away with this blond streak, feeling like a purist," Gaga tweeted hours after she had committed to dying her hair. "Gosh i forgot what it was like to have soft hair!"

The new hair color was such a hit, in fact, that fans of the star were lining up to ask how she accomplished it.

"Getting lots of tweets about how to get this hair color, its a bit of a process...and depends on if your lifting or darkening your color," Gaga said. "Look in the natural browns, experiment missing with pink+ lavender toners. fun to just paint on hair! @faspiras + i did it together!"