Lady Gaga Fashion Video, With Unreleased Single 'Cake' Debut

Lady Gaga's personal stylist and creative director, Thierry Mugler, could not follow the pop star on tour this week because he was busy putting on a show of his own at the 2013 Paris Fashion Week.

Lady Gaga is known widely for her outrageous get up and fashion forward trends, and although she has gained popularity for her creatively inspired wardrobe, would anyone else dare to dress as loud? Her personal stylist seems to think so, and has developed a new fashion line inspired by his world travels.

Mugler had his own moment in the spotlight on Wednesday, as he debuted his funky line during the Parish Fashion Week. While Gaga could not attend the event, she did send the gift of music- literally. Gaga agreed to show Mugler's line to her newest, unreleased single, "Cake."

Mugler has described his line as colored with the "artisanal savoir faire of the Far East," according to the Los Angeles Times. The look is "sculptured" and "sexy" and was considered to be one of Mugler's "most wearable collections" yet.

The Gaga "Cake" soundtrack to which it was shown however, has been met which large skepticism. A version of the song was leaked on the internet days ago, but some say the leak was just a practical joke. The track unveiled was a rap song in which Gaga's voice is "barely recognizable." The lyrics are vulgar and the song has been labeled as "trap rap."

On Thursday fans will know once an for all what the "Cake" song is supposed to sound like, when a video of Mulger's fashion line alongside with Gaga's "Cake" is set to be released.

Mugler's Fashion Preview