Lady Gaga Launching Social Network: Request Invitation Soon

Lady Gaga, lauded as the most visible social network star, has created her very own social network that includes the opportunity to talk closer with the world-famous pop star.

Lady Gaga, who has already invested in Backplane, a new type of social platform, has now launched her own site to compete against the likes of Facebook and Google.

According to TechCrunch, "Little Monsters is going to be a new online community for Lady Gaga and her fans, but Backplane has much bigger ambitions: it aims to help power community sites for a wide range of interest groups, covering everything from celebrities to niche topics." reported that Gaga signed on with Backplane last year. "Lady Gaga -- perhaps the most visible star on the social web -- teamed up with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt's Tomorrow Ventures to invest in Backplane, slated to launch in the last week of August."

Co-founder Joey Primiani told BusinessInsider, "I'm all about starting this movement. I love technology and love good design. We definitely have an amazing opportunity here to have millions of users -- the most amounts of users per employee. We are going to be bigger than FACEBOOK and GOOGLE some day."

The website is currently working by invitation only. Users have the opportunity to submit their name and email and apply for an invitation, although the website does not layout what the conditions of actually receiving an invitation will be or whether everyone will get one. TechCrunch reporter Jason Kincaid described the sites abilities.

Aside from pictures, he write, "Perhaps more important than the content itself, though, is the community aspect. Users can click one of those increasingly ubiquitous heart icons to 'Like' a post, which makes it appear more prominently in the grid, and they can leave comments beneath each post as well.

He also mentioned why users might consider it over Facebook. "There are plenty of more advanced features, too - the platform aims to become a calendar for your various interest groups, and supports integration with both Google Calendar and Gmail."

Gaga, who has 18,905,581 million followers on Twitter, could likely do well by initiating her own social networking site. She wrote in anticipation of it on Twitter Thursday asking, "Little Monsters Ready?"