Lady Gaga Posts Photo, Sets Self Up for Ridicule

Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself on her social networking site, opening up a dialogue for criticism about her body.

Lady Gaga has made a name for herself in several ways. From her unusual performances to her often outrageous get-up, Gaga has always strayed from the norm and embraced sexualizing herself in order to gain fame. Gaga has also avidly supports anti-bullying and has enjoyed a successful career.

However, over the weekend, Gaga went further than before and posed nearly nude on her social networking site Little Monsters.

"Resting after BARNEY'S GAGA WORKSHOP OPENING IN NY," she wrote alongside a photo of herself sitting strategically in a chair using her legs to cover her chest and a pair of flesh-colored underwear.

While posting barely there pictures has become a popular trend amongst some celebrities, it seemed unusual for some for the 26-year-old to bare nearly all. The move also brought negative body attention to the star.

"Now after having seen this photo, my eyes are burning out of my head! Put flesh colored undies on a pig and snap that photo, might not be as disgusting!" Harry Ballzonya wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

"This is one of the few women who I have seen nude that I say, Please, put your clothes on," Mike McClaren added.

Others defended her and her usual stand out self by stating that Gaga was not attempting to promote herself as a sex symbol.

"It would be different if she was selling herself as a sex symbol, but she isn't. If anything she seems to have pride in being an 'anti~sex~symbol'. She flies her freak fly high and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously,"MaryWho Bergin argued.