Lady Gaga Shaved Head Makes Impact on Fans (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga has shaved the back of her head in tribute to a friend who lost his mother. The photo is already gaining in popularity and comments from fans.

"I did it for u Terry. I'm sorry about ure [sic] mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high," Gaga tweeted with the photo. Fans were able to see that she had removed a section of hair at the back but were concerned about her possibly cutting more off.

The reference to "Terry" in the tweet is actually Gaga's close friend, photographer Terry Richardson. He recently lost his mother to cancer, and Gaga has been supportive of her friend during the tough time.

After the announcement of Annie Lomax's passing, she took to Richardson's Tumblr page and wrote, "Terry's love of his mother is inspiring. His touching, candid photos of her are some of my favorites."

The rest of the tweet refers to Gaga's latest release, "Princess Die," which is beloved by fans but also seen as controversial, given that it includes assumptions about the late Princess Diana.

"I wish that I was strong; I wish that I was wrong. I wish that I could cope, but I took pills and left a note. I'll be a Princess Di and die with you," are just some of the lyrics in the single. Gaga has expressed a fascination with Diana and friends have said she has fears of being killed in an accident, just like the late Princess.

Gaga's fans, or "little monsters" have praised Gaga for her show of support for Richardson, calling her "selfless" and "sweet."

"Wow people…it's about respecting someone who obviously had cancer and lost them. Gaga is the most selfless person…I love you for this. My mom has cancer and I understand why you did what you did Gaga! Thank you," Anthony Daniel posted on