Lady Gaga's Parents' Restaurant Blasted by Another Food Critic

Lady Gaga, award-winning 26-year-old singer born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, recently blamed her father's New York City restaurant for her weight gain, but now a food critic is giving the dining experience there a scathing review.

Joanna Trattoria, the restaurant owned by Gaga's parents Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta, reportedly opened its doors last February. However, multiple food critics have given the eatery bad reviews.

The latest scathing review comes from the New York Daily News. The newspaper awarded the restaurant with only one star out of five, calling the restaurant on the Upper West Side of New York City "careless."

"I came with an open mind, despite the fact that most of my colleagues have portrayed Joanne as the worst thing since herpes," New York Daily News food critic Michael Kaminer wrote in his review of the eatery this week. "When a restaurant charges $18 for fried calamari, should the dish arrive so sloppily plated that it looks like the kitchen threw it back in the bowl after dropping it? Should the appetizer glow with grease or boast more breadcrumbs than squid? And should the accompanying marinara sauce taste like a powdered mix?"

While the rest of the review detailed the unsatisfying experience of the Daily News' food critic, he was not the first professional to question the quality of the restaurant. In a review written for The Insatiable Critic last December, restaurant critic Gael Greene called the service in the restaurant "lame."

According to Gael, the menu items were too pricey for the portions that patrons received.

"Aside from the fine focaccia, a lush lasagna (too small, too pricey) and my $38 veal osso buco, much needs to be reconsidered," Greene wrote in his review last December. "Okay, the meatballs and spaghetti were fine – but $23?"

Still, a New York Post review seemed to take the cake with its scathing review on the restaurant's opening night last February. The review written by food critic Steve Cuozzo began with the headline "You'll Gag on The Food at Gaga's."

In his review, Cuozzo said the food at the eatery owned by Gaga's parents was some of the worst he has ever tasted.

"Appetizers took 50 minutes to arrive. Grilled calamari with bitter greens and radicchio were the worst I've had in a lifetime of squid-mongering, the salad unseasoned and the calamari like leather," Cuozzo wrote after attending opening night at the restaurant on behalf of the New York Post. "One-note orecchiette with shellfish recalled the flaccid pasta commonly doled out along Long Island's Jericho Turnpike – or at 35,000 feet."

Despite the slew of scathing reviews, Gaga recently told radio host Elvis Duran that her parents' restaurant served delicious food that she blamed for her sudden weight gain.

"My father (Joe Germanotta) opened a restaurant (Joanne Trattoria). It's so amazing. ... It's so freaking delicious, but I'm telling you, I gain 5 pounds every time I go in there," Gaga told Duran recently. "So my dad wants me to eat at the restaurant, and I'm, like, I've got to go where I can drink green juice."