LaGuardia: Landing Gear Collapses as Southwest Plane Crashes at LaGuardia Airport (VIDEO, PHOTO)

At LaGuardia, a landing gear problem has seen a Southwest plane be forced into an emergency landing on Monday afternoon.

A plane has crash landed at LaGuardia Airport on Monday after its landing gear collapsed on landing.

The crash landing took place just before 6 p.m. ET, according to witnesses, and at least three people were hurt in the incident, although that number could rise as information continues to emerge.

Those known to have been injured so far only suffered minor injuries, and none were life threatening according to early reports from officials.

The Southwest plane's nose landing gear is said to have collapsed during the landing, forcing the nose of the aircraft downwards onto the ground, damaging the plane.

As soon as the crash took place, police, ambulances and fire engines were reportedly dispatched to the crash site.

Witnesses have said that they saw landing gear on the ground, away from the plane after the crash.

Southwest released a statement on its Twitter account confirming the incident, writing, "Standby for more information regarding #Flight345 BNA-LGA. We are gathering details and will post a statement soon."

Witnesses also started posted photos and video footage from their phones on social media sites in the aftermath of the incident.

Passengers from the aircraft were evacuated from the plane using the emergency slides.

Emergency officials were on hand to help passengers away from the plane and offer treatment to those who suffered knocks and injuries.

The Southwest plane was landing at LaGuardia airport from Nashville.

The incident also saw officials close down LaGuardia airport as investigations begin into what happened and what might have caused the crash landing. However, the airport should reopen as soon as officials believe it is safe to do so.

Here is video footage from a news report into the LaGuardia plane crash landing today: