Laid-Off Man Wins $1 Million; Immediately Offers 10% as Tithe to Church

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(Photo: Oregon Lottery)Riley Gunn and his wife pose with their winnings. They donated 10 percent of their winnings to their church as tithe.

A laid-off man has won $1 million after buying some lottery tickets on a whim against his wife's wishes, in Southern Oregon. After receiving his winnings the man immediately gave a 10 percent tithe to his church.

According to reports, Riley Gunn was traveling with his wife and three children to their one bedroom residence when he stopped to purchase some corndogs. It was a rare treat for his family, because after he had been laid off in May they had felt the squeeze on their finances.

So it was even more surprising that Gunn decided at that time to buy some lottery tickets as well. Even though he knew his wife would not approve of such a purchase with their limited cash, he couldn't resist having a throw of the dice to see if lady luck was on his side.

And it proved lady luck was on his side; his $16 purchase of lottery tickets won him $1 million.

He realized he had won as his wife slept, and he shook her awake to confirm he wasn't imagining it.

His skeptical wife told him, "You'd better not be kidding me," according to The Associated Press.

When the win was confirmed, wife Misti Gunn, 32, couldn't even bring herself to scream or celebrate, she just sat down staring into space allowing what had happened to sink in.

The family's finances were in such a bad way they even had to borrow money from a friend to drive to Oregon Lottery headquarters to pick up their winnings, according to AP.

After their drive they had to wait 10 minutes outside the HQ offices until it opened, and Gunn has said it was the longest 10 minutes of his life.

Gunn had been laid off in May by a telecommunications company in Reno, Nev. He recalled that when he purchased the winning ticket he and his family were in fact on their way back from registering for winter classes at Rogue Community College, as they were planning to gain degrees in Computer Programming, and Business Management in an attempt to get back into work.

After tax the family received $670,000, and Gunn immediately gave a 10 percent tithe to his church. Gunn said, "You give back to God what he is giving to you."

Gunn has told AP that he plans to use the rest of the winnings to develop his own business.