Lake Powell Crash: 1 of 2 Missing Bodies Found in 13-Person Boating Accident (VIDEO)

Four days after the fatal incident, one of two missing bodies has been recovered in Kanab, Utah following a motor boating accident.

The body of Valerie Bradshaw, 29, was discovered on Sunday under nearly 340 feet of water, investigators said, while the search for a second body is still under way. Police have yet to find Jessica Jackman, 22, whose body they believe is also lost underwater.

The women are two of three people that were killed Thursday during a boating incident. Adrian Jackman, a bishop of a South Jordan Church of Latter-Day Saints, was operating a motorboat with 13 passengers when he accidentally crashed into a houseboat on Lake Powell. Investigators believe that Jackman was distracted by one of his six children when the incident took place, according to the New York Daily News. Three family members were taken to the hospital immediately after the incident and released later that night. Jackman's wife, 57-year-old Marilyn Jackman, was also killed.

Officials said the search for Jessica Jackman, a recent Utah College graduate, would continue on Monday.

"They're looking for any irregularities, essentially, on the bottom of the channel," Kane County Sheriff's Sgt. Alan Alldredge told the Deseret News. "They're really good at it, they'll keep looking and they don't generally give up."

One of Bradshaw's roommate said that the accident was particularly tragic because the boating incident was something that Bradshaw was looking forward to for months. Jackman family members confirmed that Bradshaw was dating one of the boys in the family.

"That's the hardest part. This is the trip she looked forward to, for weeks, for months. This was kind of a big thing for her because it was with his family, so this was kind of a really special thing for her," Aubri Root told the Deseret News.

No one living on the houseboat was injured.