Lamar Odom Alleged Mistress Passes Lie Detector

Lamar Odom has recently been the subject of speculation concerning his alleged extramarital affairs and alleged drug addiction and now one woman has publicly passed a lie detector test after claiming that she was involved with him while he was married.

Odom, the 33-year-old NBA free agent, has made headlines in recent weeks for allegedly stepping out on his marriage and battling with a drug addiction that he allegedly only checked into a rehabilitation center for one day to treat. However, he recently refuted claims made by TMZ about an alleged addiction to crack-cocaine and Oxycontin. There is a potential that these claims are nothing more than vicious rumors.

One of his alleged mistresses, Jennifer Richardson was the first to publicly oust the basketball player to a tabloid magazine. Now, Richardson is speaking up about her alleged affair that began in 2012 on the daytime talkshow "The Test".

The talk show uses lie detector tests, DNA tests and medical examinations in an attempt to get to the bottom of the truth in a situation. During a recent episode of "The Test," Richardson passed lie detector tests when questioned about her alleged affair with Odom.

"Yes, I was wrong. Yes I have to face my sins like everybody else," Richardson told the audience members of "The Test," while saying she regretted being with Odom.

During an outing in Studio City, Calif. recently, Odom made sure to take pictures with fans before TMZ reporters questioned if he was doing ok.

"How do I look," Odom questioned before responding to the reporter who acknowledged that he looked great. "There you go."

When asked if he had a drug problem and needed professional help, the NBA forward simply responded, "nah."

Despite the rumors that have surrounded the basketball player for weeks, he refused to show signs of stress when approached by reporters.

"Life is is good you never know," Odom said of his future in the NBA.

Although he attempted to end the conversation with TMZ reporters by jumping into a black SUV, Odom rolled down his window and decided to respond to questions about him speaking to his wife amid reports that the pair had separated.

"That's my wife," Odom said with a laugh. "Of course!"

Khloe Kardashian-Odom, the reality television star and wife to the NBA free agent, is continuing to showcase her emotions in cryptic tweets amid the troubling headlines concerning her husband.

"I may never understand…," she wrote in a recent tweet.