Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Dine With Kris Humphries?

Khloe Kardashian-Odom and Lamar Odom reportedly unintentionally dined with Kim Kardashian's estranged husband Kris Humphries recently.

Odom, 33-year-old Los Angeles Clippers forward, went on an outing with his reality television star wife on Monday at New York City restaurant Catch where they spotted Brooklyn Nets forward Humphries.

Kardashian-Odom, 28, "immediately looked down and used her cocktail menu to hide her face," according to an alleged Us Weekly source.

While Humphries, 28, was reportedly unaware that the couple were in attendance at the same restaurant where he was dining, he is reportedly on good terms with his NBA playing peer.

"Kris had no idea that Lamar was going to be there and he didn't see Lamar while he was there," a source reportedly told "Someone mentioned it to him but it doesn't bother him - him and Lamar are cool."

Another claimed that Odom was not interested in making a scene at the restaurant after learning about his presence there.

"Lamar wasn't trying to make a scene, so he just had his food and relaxed with his company," another source told HollywoodLife. "They're both men and Lamar isn't getting involved with Kris and his deal with Kim."

However, Kardashian-Odom has made it clear that she is not a fan of Humphries. On Bravo network's Watch What Happens Live, she spoke about her feelings on Kim's former husband.

"He's, in my opinion, delusional," Kardashian-Odom said on the late night show last January. "I don't know why he's asking for anything? He's fame-hungry, in my opinion. He wants money ... I just think everything he's doing is so - it's just gross to me."

Although Kardashian-Odom's sister Kim is due to give birth in July to rapper Kanye West's child, she explained why she is still embroiled in a divorce battle with Humphries during a January on Shade 45's radio show "Sway In The Morning."

"Well technically we're legally separated so it's like in the legal system it's been that way for a year and a half now. I can't really speak for him. I think the facts are I filed for divorce, he's suing me for an annulment and the only legal way to ever get an annulment is if there is fraud involved," Kardashian explained.

"So he is claiming that I (defrauded) him to marry him for publicity. To me, who would ever do that? He was someone that I loved a lot but you can love someone a lot and realize they're not the right person for you. I would have rather ended it when I felt that way than waste a year of my life not being happy," she added.