Lamar Odom Booted Ex-Girlfriend's Show 'Starter Wives' From TV?

"Starter Wives Confidential," the new TLC reality television series that highlights women who were with high profile entertainers before they experienced fame, is reportedly getting booted from television. Some may believe that NBA player Lamar Odom may have something to do with it.

The reality show features celebrity exes of Odom, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., rapper DMX, radio DJ Funkmaster Flex, rapper Maino and accused mobster Phil Caruso. Monica Taylor, the ex-wife of DJ Funkmaster Flex, took to her blog to let fans of the show know that it could only be viewed online after less than a month after its premiere.

"If you want to watch the remainder of episodes of Starter Wives Confidential you will have to go online to Ask me why," Taylor wrote on her blog. "Is it ratings? Is it a change in network direction…or all the outside drama?!"

Taylor hinted that the reason the show may no longer be broadcast on television may have something to with Odom and rapper Lil Kim who became a topic on the show. Zakia Baum, ex-girlfriend of rapper Maino, alleged that Odom stepped out on their relationship with the female emcee.

"I know before taping even began I was questioned about my posts relating to anyone connected with Lamar Odom. Luckily TLC had no control over what I do or can post so it became a non-issue," Taylor wrote on her blog. "I never did find out who was putting pressure on them. Cut to the Lil Kim situation, one which I'm still confused about and can't even confirm if there is a law suit."

Although Taylor never detailed why "Starter Wives" would no longer be shown on television screens, she did drop a few more hints about the reason that the reality television series would be confined to the web.

"I can only imagine there were a lot of people who were afraid what would come out on 'Starter Wives Confidential' and as you saw from the first few episodes, the ladies were NOT holding back," Taylor wrote. "I realize I didn't answer why we are not being aired anymore … you will just have to judge for yourself."