Lamar Odom Needs Another Shot In The NBA, Says LA Clippers' Doc Rivers

Lamar Odom should play in the NBA, says Los Angeles Clippers' coach Doc Rivers.

Odom, the 34-year-old NBA free agent and forward, is reportedly attempting to ready an NBA comeback after spending months in media headlines for allegedly stepping out on his marriage and battling with a drug addiction. While it is still not clear if Odom will indeed sign on with the Clippers, it seems Rivers is campaigning for the forward to get back into the league.

"I don't know what our plans are yet. I like Lamar," Rivers told the Los Angeles Times recently. "I want him to be in the NBA. And if things go right, here."

The Times is reporting that Odom is training in Rhode Island and gearing up to visit the Clippers' practice facility. However, if Odom makes his way back into the NBA without joining the Clippers, Rivers insists that he will still be happy for the athlete.

It seems the former Boston Celtics coach just wants to see Odom back in the NBA.

"Having said that, I just want him to do well at the end. Obviously if he does well, we'd like for it to be for us," Rivers told the LA Times. "But let's say he doesn't come here, and he does well in the NBA, I'd be just as happy, honestly. I look at a guy, and I think he's a good guy, and he needs another shot."

After a meeting with the Clippers last Friday, TMZ photographers asked Odom if the free agent forward believed he "sealed the deal" with the team. Odom's response was, "yeah."

Odom's former teammate Matt Barnes, seemed excited for the possibility of his friend's return to Los Angeles.

"I think it's great. For one, as a friend who is wanting him to get his life back on track, I think that's important," Barnes told USA Today. "But he's an intelligent big man who knows how to play the game. Hopefully he can get himself back in shape and be a great addition to our team."