Lamar Odom To LA Clippers A 'Sealed Deal' Team Reacts

Lamar Odom may return to the Los Angeles Clippers and his former teammates are reacting to the news.

Odom, the 34-year-old NBA free agent and forward, has made headlines in recent weeks for allegedly stepping out on his marriage and battling with a drug addiction that he allegedly only checked into a rehabilitation center for one day to treat. However, he previously refuted claims made by TMZ about an alleged addiction to crack-cocaine and Oxycontin.

After a meeting with the Clippers on Friday, TMZ photographers asked Odom if the free agent forward believed he "sealed the deal" with the team. Odom's response was, "yeah."

Odom's former teammate Matt Barnes, seemed excited for the possibility of his friend's return to Los Angeles.

"I think it's great. For one, as a friend who is wanting him to get his life back on track, I think that's important," Barnes told USA Today. "But he's an intelligent big man who knows how to play the game. Hopefully he can get himself back in shape and be a great addition to our team."

Barnes spoke about the new Clippers' coach, Doc Rivers desiring to get Odom on the squad.

"I knew Doc wanted him in the summer, so let's just hope," Barnes told USA Today. "I think he'd be a welcome addition to our team."

Rivers spoke candidly about his meeting with Odom.

"I've always had interest in him. I've always liked him," the former Boston Celtics coach told The Los Angeles Times. "The teams he has played on, the coaches who have coached him have always liked him… I hadn't seen him. I just wanted to see him, I really was I just wanted to see him physically and see how he was doing. He looked good. He looked great."

Last month, TMZ reported that sources have claimed Odom has tested negative for drug usage after undergoing blood and urine tests.

Odom averaged 4.0 points and 5.9 rebounds in 82 games for the Los Angeles Clippers last season.