Lamar Odom's Father Retracts Kardashian Statements, Says He's Beaten Addiction

Lamar Odom is defending his wife's family after his father recently spoke out against them amid rumors about substance abuse and infidelities. Now his father, Joe Odom, is explaining why he felt the need to lash out at the Kardashians.

Odom, the 33-year-old NBA free agent, has made headlines in recent weeks for allegedly stepping out on his marriage and battling with a drug addiction that he allegedly only checked into a rehabilitation center for one day to treat. However, his father spoke out against media reports concerning his son recently.

"They [the Kardashians] brought him down. He would be better off without them," the elder Odom said in an interview with Heat magazine recently. "I think the best thing for him would be to have a clean break and divorce Khloe. She's been talking trash about my son, saying he's on drugs and stuff like that. I don't think she cares about Lamar, she just cares about their image and money."

When the younger Odom caught wind of the statements that his father made about his wife and reality television star Khloe Kardashian-Odom, he took to Twitter for the first time in months to defend her.

"He has never met my mother in law and some of my other family. How can a man who has NOT once called me to check on my well being have the nerve to talk so recklessly about his own 'son,'" Odom tweeted. "He is my downfall! His own demons may be the ONLY thing he gave 2 me. He disrespecting the ONLY FAMILY that has loved me without expecting anything in return."

Odom went on to admit that he was not in the best place in his life and reiterated why he loved the Kardashians.

"They are the ONLY ones that have been here consistently 4 me during this dark time. Only person 2 blame is myself," Odom tweeted about the Kardashians. "Say what you want about me but leave the ones who have done nothing but protect and love me out of this! This goes to out to everyone!"

Odom's father seemed to regret his initial statements, and explained his thought process when saying them.

"I apologize for the things I had said previously because I was frustrated about what they said on the Wendy Williams show. The family is a wonderful family, but every time I turn around, I'm being called a heroin addict," he told TMZ. "I've been clean thirty years. I'm in a program. I'm in a program out here. And this program that I'm in, they have helped me to the utmost to stay straight, to stay drug free."