Lamborghini on Fire, $400,000 Car Burns to Nothing (VIDEO)

A car worth nearly $400,000 set ablaze Sunday during a test drive. While the driver was able to escape, little was left standing of the once captivating car.

With a max speed of 217 mph and the ability to go from 0-62 in 2.9 seconds, the Lamborghini Aventador is understandably a very desirable car to have. The car is also loaded with a V12 engine and on-board computer, an ideal combination of luxury and speed.

One California businessman however, just couldn't get far enough from the car on Wednesday afternoon, as it's tail caught ablaze. While speeding down Highway 73 in San Joaquin Hills, the driver suddenly noticed flames coming off from the rear of the car. The man driving the car was apparently taking it for a test spin.

(WARNING: Graphic language present in video.)


Luckily when the car caught fire the man was able to pull the Lamborghini over to shoulder of the road and escape before the car became enveloped in flames. Details as to why the vehicle caught ablaze have yet to be released.

One car expert suggested that the fire was likely due to an electrical problem. Another suggested a gasoline leak from the fuel filler hose, which could have been ignited into a fire by the heat from the exhaust.

According to AOL Auto, car fires are a common occurrence. The National Fire Protection Association states that 33 car fires are reported every hour in the United States and many are lethal. According to racecar driver Tommy Kendall, who gave tips on how to react to a car fire, the businessman driving the Lamborghini took the right actions by pulling to the side.

"If you smell something burning, shutting off the engine will stop the flow of fuel and may prevent a full-blown fire. It's natural to panic in an emergency, but make sure you get off the road first so you're not a hazard to other drivers, or yourself," Kendall told AOL.

He also added that fires near the rear of the tank can be particularly dangerous and that those nearby should stand as far away from the car as possible.