Lance and Call for Confession: Armstrong Accused of Abuse?

Members of the cycling community are demanding a full confession from Lance Armstrong after accusing him of "abuse."

Armstrong, who was stripped of seven Tour de France titles and confessed on Oprah in January that he had used performance-enhancing drugs, has not been able to regain his popularity in recent months. And now, a organization dedicated to restructuring the sport of cycling, has outright accused the former cyclist of abuse.

"The thing that upset me most about Lance was not the doping. We now know how prevalent the doping was, how entrenched it has been in the culture of cycling," Jamie Fuller, who formed the Change Cycling Now group, said at a conference in London. "What upset me most [of] all the other things that surrounded him, the way he abused people, the way that he just climbed all over people, the win at all costs."

Fuller went on to suggest that Armstrong's confession on Oprah was not enough; he believes that the public needs more.

"I had a conversation with him not long ago and I said to him it's going to get worse for him before its gets better. I think he's bit delusional," Fuller said, according to Reuters. "He's got to come clean, he's got to tell everything. We didn't see that on Oprah Winfrey, what we saw on Oprah Winfrey was the convenient truths and when it was inconvenient we didn't get the truth."

"That includes not protecting other people he's still protecting. He needs to show a bit of contrition," Fuller added.

In December of last year Fuller stated that the organization of cycling as a whole had become "corrupt." He said it was his organization's desire to "break the chain of self-feeding, self-serving and I'll call it corruption. It's not corruption in the normal sense of the word, it's a corrupted process."