'Land of the Lustrous' Episode 7 Spoilers: New Gem to Be Introduced as Winter Draws Near

Tokyo MX Official SiteKey visual art for the Japanese action-fantasy anime series, “Houseki no Kuni (Land of the Lustrous),” based on manga of the same name written by Haruko Ichika.

Winter is coming, and the time to hibernate is about to begin on the Japanese action-fantasy anime series, "Land of the Lustrous." But can the gems really rest after everything that has happened?

The previous episode brought in yet another Lunarian attack, and despite Phos' excitement over her new pair of legs and her first time to go on patrol, she was still unable to do more than to stay frozen in place as the Lunarian creature cut the twin gems, Amethyst, apart.

It was also at this point that Phos realized that there was more to battling the enemy than just a warrior's physical ability. She still has a lot to learn if she really wanted to do more for their race, but after this most recent failure, will Phos be allowed to go on patrol again at the expense of their companions' safety?

The preview for the next episode titled "Hibernation" shows Phos continuing her training while the rest of their fellow gems go into hibernation. This is also the point when one of the strongest gems, Antarcticite is introduced.

The hibernation period is said to be the time when the Lunarian attacks become even more intense. And it will be up to Master Kongo and Antarcticite to defend the land while the gems take a rest to regain their strengths.

Antarcticite is the kind of gem that is completely liquefied, but the more the temperature drops, the more they become stronger.

What new adventures await Phos as winter draws in and as she decides to miss out on hibernating in favor of training their new legs? Also, what new realizations and lessons will they gain, if and when she encounters the mysterious gem, Antarcticite?

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