Last Batch of HP TouchPad Tablets to Remain at $99

The last batch of HP TouchPad tablets to be released by the end of October will reportedly maintain the $99 price tag, according to a report by The New York Times.

Although the total number of units HP will make available to the public for this second wave of sales was not officially announced by the company, Digitimes this week reported that people could expect up to 200,000 tablets to be rolled out for purchase in the coming shipment.

So far, some 800,000 to 900,000 TouchPad tablets have been sold as a result of HP's slashing of the tablet's price from $499 to $99.

The TouchPad made its debut in July this year and was designed to capitalize on the growing tablet industry ushered in by Apple's market-dominating iPad.

Although the TouchPad had competitive features such as an 1.2Ghz QualComm Snapdragon Dual-Core processor, 1GB ram, a sleek and slim design, and a ton of publicity, it failed to give consumers a good enough reason to buy it at the same price, $499, the iPad 2 was being sold. HP announced last month it would discontinue the tablet.

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