Latest Updates, Advisories on Ventura County Fire Via Interactive Google Maps

REUTERS/Gene BlevinsVentura County firefighters battle the Solimar brush fire that started early Saturday morning in Ventura County, California December 26, 2015.

Interactive Google Maps show that there are currently several active fires across the state of California, especially the ones happening in the vicinity of Ventura county.

Since Monday night, several areas in Southern California have been dealing with major fires. The first that started was the Thomas fire in Ventura county.It was followed by the Creek fire on early Tuesday morning, around 4 a.m. local time. Then, several hours later, the Rye fire in Santa Clarita exploded at 10 a.m.

The California fires, once they erupt, are known to spread very quickly and causes harm to more communities. On a positive note, people can now learn of the latest updates and advisories related to active and contained fires around the state through interactive maps put up by Google that hold first-hand information from no less than the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection.

As of this writing, according to the Google's Statewide Fire Map, a number of locations have been placed under mandatory evacuation due to the Creek fire. This fire covers communities from Lowell Ave. all the way up to the rest of I-210 or the Foothill Freeway.

The same mandatory evacuation zone also extends to the other side of the I-210 within the Shadow Hills vicinity. Based on the latest update from Cal Fire, the Creek fire has now erupted to 11,377 acres, and all of it has yet to be contained.

The Thomas fire in Ventura county is still labeled an active fire and has already engulfed 65,000 acres of land, covering Hwy 150 and Hwy 126 up to north of Santa Paula.

Though not shown in the interactive map, Cal Fire data indicated that several highways have been placed under hard closures due to the fire, including SR-150 at Reeves Road, at Stonegate, at Telegraph Road, at Richmond Road, and Foothill Road at Olive/Cummings/Wells/Briggs.

Meanwhile, the Thomas' fire has also caused mandatory evacuations across Ventura. For affected residents, they can take temporary shelter at the Ventura County Fairgrounds at Miners Building where an animal shelter can also be found. Other evacuation centers were Nordhoff High School and Oxnard College Gymnasium.