Lauderhill Mall Fight: 200 Teens Brawl After Social Media Post (VIDEO)

A fight involving over 200 teens broke out at a Lauderhill mall in Florida on Tuesday, potentially spurred by social media.

The Lauderhill mall was put on partial lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a large fight involving an estimated 200 teens broke out. The motive for the fight is unclear at this time. Starting at around 3:30 p.m., police began preventing any teens who arrived at the mall without an adult escort from entering.

"I don't know what the motive was for using the mall or why they would want to fight," Lauderhill Lt. Michael Butkus told The Sun-Sentinel.

The fight began in the parking lot and was moved inside of the mall after police arrived, reports said. Shoppers at the mall who witnessed the incident said that police were vastly out numbered.

"There was more than 100," Danielle Jozwiak told the sun. "You couldn't even see [the parking lot] they had the sidewalk and the whole road full of kids."

"There were a couple of police [officers] but what were they going to do?" she added.

Police speculated that the fight might have been related to a fight between two girls that had occurred earlier in the day or a dispute over the Trayvon Martin murder case. A CBS report alleged that the fight broke out after a posting was made on social media.

A video of the fight taken using a camera phone has surfaced on the Internet. A group of teens can be seen using traffic cones to strike one another.

"People was getting hit by cones," Frank Francis told the local CBS. "Like fighting, like a brawl."

The report said that no one was seriously injured although one teen was transported to the hospital with a wound to his forehead. No arrests were made.