Laura Govan Talks Being NeNe Leakes' Bridesmaid

Laura Govan, the fiancee of NBA player Gilbert Arenas, recently opened up about her appearance on reality television star NeNe Leakes' "I Dream Of Nene."

Although Govan previously starred on "Basketball Wives: L.A.," she spoke about some drama that she encountered while on Leakes' upcoming Bravo television show.

"Anything that has to do with NeNe Leakes is exciting," Govan told S2S magazine recently. "Every time we're together, we have such a great time."

Leakes, the 45-year-old Hollywood actress, was married on June 22, but fans of the reality television star will be able to witness the nuptials starting Sept. 17 in her upcoming show, "I Dream of NeNe." However, Leakes insists that fans will witness a lot more than her saying "I do."

The reality television star revealed that some of her bridesmaids brought drama to the festivities.

"I Dream Of Nene coming early fall on Bravo," Leakes tweeted previously. "I learned a lot abt my bridesmaids while planning my wedding & it wasn't all good! Tune (in)."

Govan seemed to have her own drama and revealed that she dealt with a wardrobe malfunction while attending her friend's wedding.

"What I wanted was something different. I didn't get it, but we worked it out," Govan told S2Smagazine about her dress. "As a matter of fact, I took pieces out of the trashcan. I took some scraps to make it work."

Despite her dress drama, Govan insists that she has a good relationship with Leakes.

"She's very mothering. She's very wise," Govan told S2S magazine. "She gives me a lot, a lot of knowledge about TV, life, being a woman, coming up in this business, what I should do, what I shouldn't do. I admire her as a person, as a woman. So, I appreciate everything that she's done for me and has given to me."

Earlier this year, Leakes revealed who her bridesmaids would be on Twitter.

"I love my bridesmaids @CynthiaBailey10 @iheartMarlo @dianagowins @iamjennifer @StylesbyPat @thablondebomb @LauraMGovan @LEXISIS1," Leakes tweeted.