Lauren Scruggs Plane Accident: Model Will Wear Prosthetic Eye

Family Prays for Her Recovery

Lauren Scruggs is recovering in a Dallas hospital after having her left eye successfully removed and her family continuing to call for prayer.

The 23-year-old model has received lots of well wishing since her freak accident on Dec. 3. Scruggs had been viewing Christmas lights before accidentally walking into the propeller of a small plane, which ultimately sliced off her left hand.

The former Gossip Girl intern also suffered major shoulder and facial injuries, and on Wednesday she lost her left eye.

Scruggs' family created a website in her honor, where they have been updating the public on her progress since the accident.

"Along with the pain she was already experiencing with her arm and shoulder injuries, the removal of the left [eye] is also very painful," the family wrote.

"We are asking again for prayer to relieve this pain, and also, as we have posted previously, pray for Lo to regain her appetite. This is crucial for her body to heal quickly," they added.

Although Scruggs also suffered some brain damage, she is said to be making a speedy and miraculous recovery.

Scruggs, a Dallas Baptist University Communications graduate, is believed to have walked 30 steps last week, and is now also able to eat solid foods. Her family has described her as being alert again, and they are slowly beginning to see glimpses of her personality.

The family continues to raise donations for the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund, which has allegedly collected $15,000 so far. The funds are likely to go toward Scruggs' medical treatment, part of which will include being fitted with a prosthetic eye.

The family has maintained strong faith throughout the horrifying ordeal, regularly praying to Jesus, who they say responds.

"Last week, when she would hit the pain thresholds, we prayed out loud and just said, "Jesus… Jesus… Jesus,” Scruggs' mother Cheryl wrote.

"So last night when the pain reared its ugly head once again, I ask her if she remembered what we prayed the other times it was unbearable. She said ‘Yes, I remember… we said, ‘Jesus.’” The distraught mother added, “God would shoulder her pain for a few more hours."

The pilot and the plane involved in the accident are still being investigated by authorities.