Lauren Scruggs 'Relying on Jesus' After Devastating Propeller Accident

Texas Model's Head, Shoulder and Arm Severely Damaged

Texas native Lauren Scruggs is trusting in Jesus after accidentally walking into an airplane propeller on Saturday night and suffering severe injuries, her parents told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday.

Scruggs, 23, was disembarking a small propeller plane at Aero County Airport in McKinney, Texas, after she and a friend had circled the area to see Christmas lights. Scruggs’s father, Jeff, told "Good Morning America" that the family suspects Lauren turned around to thank the pilot and unknowingly walked into the propeller.

Scruggs suffered serious injuries, including severe damage to the left side of her head, shoulder and arm.

Doctors amputated her left hand over the weekend to avoid infection, and she is in possible danger of losing her left eye.

“We’re praying she’ll regain her sight,” Scruggs told Good Morning America.

He went on to say that his daughter’s “relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in her life.”

According to British publication the Daily Mail, Lauren told both her sister and her mother “I love you” after the weekend surgeries. When her sister Brittany informed her that she had been in an accident, Lauren squeezed her hand, signaling acknowledgment.

The Plano, Texas, native edits an online fashion magazine and is also a part-time model. She also has her own fashion blog, Lolo, and has worked as a stylist for the CW television show “Gossip Girl.”

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the accident. The pilot is under special scrutiny because he allowed Scruggs to deboard while the propeller was still turning.

“One of the things I'd have to look at is why in the world a pilot permitted a passenger to board or deboard while a propeller was turning,” ABC’s aviation consultant John Nance told ABC.

According to the Daily Mail, the pilot is thought to be a friend of Lauren and a recent owner of the 2011 Aviat Husky.

“They’re telling us it’s going to be a long recovery,” Scruggs affirmed.

“We are currently praying for healing on the left eye and brain. With daily healing, Lauren is beginning a long road to recovery. Keep praying!” read the web blog CaringBridge, which was set up in honor of Scruggs.