Law Professor Rant Costs Him His Job (VIDEO)

A University of Oregon professor lost his job and has been banned from the campus after going on an obscene rant against student protestors. He was arrested for second-degree theft and physical harassment, police said.

James L. Olmsted got into a heated argument with student protestors from the Students Against Imperialism group on campus, according to reports. The group, formerly known as the Students for Palestinian Liberation, joined with others in order to form the larger Students Against Imperialism.

Olmsted's complaint was that the students were being too compliant and peaceful; he encouraged them to use physical means and do whatever it takes to "take this country back."

"If you want this country back, start a [expletive] war and take it back. Start a war. Get a gun. Shoot me first. I'm right here. Instead of just being [expletive] and talking, do something," Olmstead said.

Students refused to engage with him and attempted to stop the confrontation with non-violent responses.

"This is an aggressive tone. I'm feeling pretty threatened right now," a protestor can be heard saying in the video that was later posted to YouTube.

"Get away from my space, you prick," Olmsted yelled at a person who approached him to try and get him to calm down. "I'm part of your performance. You need a protagonist," he explained.

Olmsted grabbed a cellphone from a woman who was recording the entire ordeal, which is why he was charged with second-degree theft. The video continued to film, however, and didn't help his cause.

Police later took him into custody and served him with papers banning him from campus.

"His teaching responsibilities have been reassigned to other professors on staff," a University of Oregon official told Fox News. The university "honors and values the free exchange of ideas. We expect all members of the campus community to conduct themselves with the highest degree of respect for public discourse."

Olmsted has not spoken about the event or what specifically triggered his tirade.

Watch his rant below (WARNING: Adult language).